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Game - this is the combination of software and hardware that are given access to to everyone who registers.

Account - A space within the game, owned by the game, in which you can do the allowed(by the rules) actions which are available in the game.

Multiaccounting - The use of two or more accounts by the same person.

Multiaccounter - The perpetrator of Multiaccounting.

Ban - Punishment in the game, which depending on the crime by the user, could have variable length. The administrator of the game decides how long a ban lasts.

Avatar - Image which, if not contrary to the terms and conditions of the game, the player can put on his profile by purchasing the relevant extra

Click - Performing an action by mouse button in the game

Players who try to manipulate the rules and use the gaps in them can be deleted from the game. Using vulgar vocabulary in public chat and space of the game, the manipulation of bugs and any other actions that contradict the constitution (this includes uncensored avatars and names, discrimination by gender, ethnicity, political or sexual basis) will lead to a Ban or to the immediate deletion of the player from

The user has right to play with 5 accounts. Multiaccounters could be deleted without any warnings in advance if there is enough evidence for the crime. It is forbiden for more than one person to play from the same account and the penalty for doing so is Ban without warning in advance. Selling, trading and giving accounts to third-parties for any period of time is forbiden and if found out by the administration, the people who are guilty are removed from the game. Accessing the game through a proxy server is forbiden. After noticing such violation, the account will be deleted.

3. LIABILITY is a freе game and therefore the administration can not be held responsible for the service provided. If due to a system crash and / or other hardware and / or software problem, a player stands in disadvantage compared to others, can not be blamed or held responsible for what happened. can not cover losses of players in case of poor protection of personal data by the player such as passwords, emails, etc. The liability of the game includes deleting and blocking the thieves, but no recovery of losses to the account.

The user has right to play with 5 accounts. The user has the right to seek support from the administration regarding a question by using the option Administration. The user has the right to tell their opinion and suggestions in the game, the forum and on the Facebook page, as long as it does not conflict with the established rules.

5. PERSONAL responsibility of the user
User takes full personal responsibility for the actions taken in the game and the associated pages (Forum, Facebook page, etc.). The user is committed to personally monitor the changes made in the game and conditions and can do so in the game, the forum and the Facebook page of the game. When registering an account, the user is required to provide a real-existing personal email that they have access to. Otherwise, the user does not have the right to request assistance from the administration if they find themselves in an unfavourable situation. The user is obliged to alert the administration if they noticed any irregularities and problems in the game, forum or Facebook page of the game. The user is obliged not to undermine the reputation of the game, users and administration. The user has no right to use the name or other components of the game in order to extract personal gain and/or to mislead and/or deceive others.

The use of bugs, mistakes and inaccuracies in the game is inadmissible. If you found a bug and you did not report it, but you used it to raise your status in the game or to acquire an unfair resource, you will be punished! You can report bugs in the Administration menu.

The use of programs to make additional net traffic is prohibited. When attempting to penetrate the site or the server, you will be penalized by denying access to the game. Malicious attacks are punishable under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The rules for playing of no more than two people per computer / router / IP address are as follows:
1. It is forbidden for more than two people to play from the same computer / router / IP address;

2. If two people play from a single computer / router / IP address, it is absolutely forbidden for a third account to enter the game, regardless of them being a guest, neighbor, or any other person;

3. The two accounts of different people on a computer / router / IP address are not allowed to be in the same clan, and any trading in any sense between the two accounts is forbidden. Including the transfer (even through third parties) of credits or money;

4. When one of the two players logs out of the game, it is ABSOLUTELY forbidden for the second account to enter the game earlier than a HALF an hour(30 minutes) thereafter. For example, if one player logs out at 12:00 hours, the other player must wait AT LEAST UNTIL 12:31 to get into their account. If this policy is violated, both accounts will be banned forever;

5. An administrator of the game has to be notified of the names of the two accounts. If all other rules are met but no administrator is notified, players are treated as a regular offender using more than one account.

6. If any one of these rules is violated even once, this would lead to the deletion, banning or other penalty in the game of both of the accounts, and then it will be forbidden to have more than one account on this computer / router / IP address.

7. The game is NOT recommended to be played by more than one person on a computer / router / IP address due to the complexity of the rules, and if any point in these rules is unclear to you, it does not excuse you for violating it. If you do not understand one point of the rules completely, do not play two people from one COMPUTER because you will get a ban for ever.